My Weather Site from the Philippines


By Gerald S. Brown

Posted September 19, 2022
Updated Nov 21, 2022

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Weather Software

This article is about the weather software I have been in the process of developing for a long time now.

It is mainly about capturing the data from the wind and rain as well as the Humidity, Pressure and Temperature from a small 1" x 1" sensor called a BME280.

A short story: “A neighbor was planning on installing a wind turbine on his property but other neighbors advised him not to.” I now know the reason for not installing the turbine. In my wind data collection program most/lot of the time the wind speed is down to ZERO so a turbine would not work.

As I am saving all of my collected data in a PostgreSQL database a very large number of records will only have ZERO values in them. This applies to the rain values as well as the wind values.

As I am planning to create graph reports with the graphs showing the maximum, average and the minimum values this will show the minimum of ZERO for many of the records. Maybe I will just have to drop these features from the website.