My Weather Site from the Philippines


By Gerald S. Brown

Posted March 9, 2021
Updated Dec 13, 2022

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This page was originally written on March 9, 2021. After that I stopped working on this site, but have now restarted again.

This page will explain what this site is about. It will show you, how it is being built and with what software. And what hardware it is running on.

First - The name of the site.

As you may have noticed as you accessed the site the name is

  1. The gsb is from my initials of Gerald S. Brown
  2. The wx is an abbreviation for weather
  3. The .me is a cheap Top Level Domain (TLD) that is available from a domain register

Second - How it is being built.

I am using 2 different editors to write the code for this site.

  1. Geany - This is an editor I have used for a number of years as it is a plain text editor and NOT a word processing program which would put a lot of unneeded garbage in the files.
  2. PyCharm - This is a program that I have just started using as it helps to format the code in the file. This program is not used as much as Geany because it loads a lot of stuff and takes a long time to load.

These editors create simple text files that are in the Markdown format.

Third - Program to convert the Markdown files to HTML files.

I am using a program called Hugo to convert the files from Markdown to HTML.

This program is called a Static Site Generator (SSG) which means there is NO database involved and the pages created are STATIC instead of being dynamic.

Fourth - These files are created on two or more Raspberry Pi computers.

The first will be a Raspberry Pi model Zero -WH if the Philippine postal system will ever deliver it. On the shipping tracking I was told it left Manila on Jan 2, 2021 and as of this date (the date soldiers hate) March forth, 2021 it still has not arrived. Included in the package is a 0.5" x 1.0" sensor that measures Humidity, Pressure and Temperature. The above is now obsolete as the computer was delivered after a long time I finally received it in April 2021 after numerous visits to the Dumaguete post office. They said they had received it in March 2021 but could not deliver it because they had lost my phone number. Didn’t know packages were delivered through the phone system!!! They had my address on the package!!! Oh, well one of the joys of living in the Philippines.