My Weather Site from the Philippines



This is a more current About page. Since I wrote About1 I have purchase several more Raspberry Pi computers. I had 3 model Zero - WH until one day I connected the ground pin to a 5 volt power pin. After that I had a fried Pi. Prior to the Fried Pi I had one installed in the master bedroom with the BME280 Humidity, Pressure and Temperature sensor, one in the dining room with the same kind of sensor and the third out doors connected to the sensor as well as being connected to a wind annometer(measures wind speed), a wind vane (measured wind direction) and a rain guage.


This page was originally written on March 9, 2021. After that I stopped working on this site, but have now restarted again.

This page will explain what this site is about. It will show you, how it is being built and with what software. And what hardware it is running on.